Benefits of becoming an agent with Graber & Associates:

Ready to become an agent?

Preferred Carriers 

Group Health & Ancillary Services such as custom quotes, in-person assistance with sales/group presentations, and more.

Individual Health Services like Marketplace training, regulatory updates, carrier reports, and more.

Life & LTC Services including instant online life quotes, client tailored proposals, advanced underwriting support, pending case status updates, and more.

Medicare Services such as market training, product benefit comparisons, customer service support, and more.

Overall Services Include:

  • Local Support
  • Top Commissions
  • New Product Alerts 
  • Co-Op Advertising Programs
  • Personal Assistance at Point-of-Sale
  • Application Scrubbing
  • Periodic Selling Incentives
  • Assist Agents with Consumer Seminars
  • Client Focused Marketing Materials
  • Inforce Policy Support
  • Joint Sales
  • Efficient Contracting
  • Product Training
  • Federal & State Regulation Training
  • Sales & Marketing Training
  • Customized Training for Agents/Agencies
  • New Agent Industry Orientation

You should never lose a sale when partnering with Graber & Associates

Graber & Associates is dedicated to helping you offer a full product line to your clients. We can assist you in identifying sales opportunities within your existing book of business for all product lines. From quoting, presenting, and completing the application, to underwriting, and delivering the policy, we can secure the sale. You retain control of the client and receive up to 50% of first-year commission (minimums apply, Part D not eligible, commission split ongoing for group health).

Receive up to 50% of the commission and we will do 100% of the work!
Don't lose the sale to a competitor and potentially the entire client.