123 College

123College is a short-term college planning program that offers the following services:

  • Analyzes ability to qualify for college funding
  • Develops a strategy to lower out-of-pocket costs by increasing eligibility for funding
  • Completes complicated FAFSA form for each year of undergraduate study
  • Performs a college search to fit the student’s interests and provide the best financial position
  • Negotiates financial aid packages
  • Supplies an ACT or SAT preparation curriculum
  • Reviews the government student aid report to verify accuracy
  • Assists in completion of certain loan applications
  • Provides a toll-free number to answer questions
  • Access to a computer-based college and career planning tool

Please contact Kristina at kgraber@graberassoc.com or Courtney at cmeyer@graberassoc.com to find out when the next seminar will be held in your area.