Major Medical

Whether you’re looking for a plan to cover yourself, your entire family or your college student, a major medical health insurance plan can be molded to fit your needs. Assessing your needs can be a difficult process, but you want to purchase a plan that will work best with your family and lifestyle. The experts at Graber & Associates are ready to help you with the details.

Here are some questions to guide you through researching your health insurance plan:

What is the monthly premium?

What is the deductible and how does it apply?

What is my maximum out-of-pocket risk?

Does the plan offer an office visit co-pay or emergency room co-pay?

Is there prescription drug coverage?

Is there a network you’ll have to use?

With the implementation of Health Care Reform, if elligible, you may receive a government subsidy to help cover health insurance premiums if you purchase a plan through the Marketplace.  Plans outstide of the Marketplace also have new benefits due to Health Care Reform.  Graber & Associates can help you navigate this new health insurance environment.