Finding a Health Plan on the Marketplace

With the annual open enrollment period drawing to a close, we have some helpful tips to ensure you get health coverage before it’s too late. Are there deadlines you should be aware of? • Open enrollment lasts until January 31st- After that day you will not be able to purchase individual health insurance without a... Read More >

Telemedicine: The Doctor’s Office Anywhere

What is Telemedicine? Telemedicine is the new trend in health care and while it is not an insurance, or a replacement for your health insurance, it is a great addition to it. Telemedicine is a service that allows you to call in to a physician for advice and even prescriptions instead of going into the... Read More >

Short Term Health Insurance is on the Rise

Is major medical becoming too expensive? Short term health care may be the alternative you have been searching for. What is Short Term Health Insurance? Short term health insurance can be purchased for of thirty days to six months in the state of South Dakota. Similar to the health care plans we saw before the... Read More >