With the fresh start of spring right around the corner, March is a great time to think about what we eat.

What we use to fuel our body can have a great impact on our health, energy levels and overall well-being. For the most impact on our daily diet, consider adding a few “super foods,” healthy choices that will add a nutritional boost to your day.

Here are 10 foods that we all should be eating for a healthier lifestyle:
1. Blueberries. Packed full of antioxidants, the compounds in blueberries are also believed to prevent early aging and protect you from diseases such as cancer and chronic heart disease.

2. Garlic. Scientists believe that garlic may help your body fight off upper-respiratory infections, such as the common cold, plus also help reduce “bad” levels of LDL cholesterol, one of the higher risks for heart disease.

3. Olive Oil. This cornerstone of the healthy Mediterranean diet, promotes the proper balance of cholesterol in the body and regular consumption can reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

4. Broccoli. The vitamins and minerals in broccoli are good for your eyes, skin, bones, immune system and just your general health.

5. Yogurt. High in calcium, yogurt benefits your body with probiotics, healthful bacteria that improve your immune systems.

6. Oats. Fiber that is good for you and fills you up is just one of the benefits of this versatile food. Oats also lower cholesterol and increase energy levels.

7. Flaxseeds. Research indicates that flaxseed could reduce the risks of several types of cancer, heart disease and lung disease.

8. Cinnamon. This commonly used sweet spice is known for its anti-clotting effect in the blood and naturally inhibits bacterial growth in your food. It may also help brain function and blood sugar levels.

9. Tea. A staple of diets in the East, tea of all types draws benefits from flavenoids, compounds that improve heart health and may reduce your risk of cancer.

10. Beans. Providing protein, fiber, and a variety of nutrients, beans are not only good for you, but also one of the most inexpensive additions you can make to your meals.