Group Long Term Care

Group long term care insurance is growing in popularity among employer groups of all sizes. The business benefits from group long term care are numerous – it will help attract and retain valuable employees, improve productivity by decreasing absenteeism, and there are potential tax advantages as well.

Employees also stand to reap benefits from a group long term care insurance plan. The plan will protect their savings and assets, guard their family and friends from the burden of providing care, maintain individual dignity and guarantee their ability to choose where they receive care.

Unlike individual long term insurance, current health may or may not play a factor in whether you or your employees can obtain coverage. Another key feature of group long term care insurance is the executive carve-out option. This option works best with companies that don’t want to commit to a full group plan, but still want to offer special group rates to selected employees. These plans can be employer-paid, employee-paid or a combination of both.