After the wedding and the honeymoon, there are plenty of changes for newly married couples. Instead of thinking for one, you’re thinking for two.

Talk it out

Have a conversation about your future plans. Do you own a home or do you plan to in the next few years? Are you intending to have kids soon?
Talking about your hopes and your dreams is important and will help you make sure you make good plans for your financial future and get the coverage you need. For most young couples, term life insurance can offer lifestyle protection at a low premium cost.

A fresh start

At any stage of life, loss of a partner can have a major financial impact. But that financial loss can be catastrophic during the first few years of a marriage.
Often, during the newlywed years, both spouses are working to establish career goals and establish a home. You may still be finishing school or putting in the groundwork for a new business venture.

Joint finances

Many new couples start out low on savings, but still have major expenses such as mortgages, car and student loans or medical bills. If you have any debt, you will want to make sure your new husband or wife won’t be stuck with an overwhelming bill.
You can always adjust your amount of coverage later when you have more savings and less debt. When you buy life insurance at a younger age, you’ll pay much less for a lot of coverage.

Get it in writing

If you already have life insurance, through work or another existing policy, make sure it will cover your spouse. Don’t forget to review the named beneficiaries on any retirement or insurance policies and make the changes you need to guarantee that any funds would go to your new spouse.
It may not seem like the most romantic topic, but one of the most loving things you can do for your spouse is to provide some peace of mind about the future. Being prepared for the worst possibility is not only wise, but also a loving decision for both of you.