Summer has faded, and we are sad to see it go, but now that autumn has taken hold it’s time to relish in the delights of fall – especially those that please the senses of smell and taste.

Pumpkin flavored treats, crisp apples, and warm lattes are just the beginning. The best foods of fall will help you battle the post-summer blues and keep your spirits up as the days grow shorter.

Sweet potatoes

These sweet spuds are rich in vitamin A – one serving typically provides twice the daily-recommended amount. Vitamin A supports healthy vision and skin, as well as a tough immune system. They also contain almost no sodium or fat. Additional benefits: iron-rich, anti-inflammatory


Next time you feel guilty about eating that piece of pumpkin pie, don’t! These fall trademarks are actually a low calorie food that’s full of dietary fiber. Pumpkins are high in vitamin A and vitamin B. Additional benefits: potassium-rich


A UCLA study found that pomegranate juice has higher antioxidant levels than red wine. Antioxidant compounds are such good news because they combat the harmful effects of free radicals (broken-down cells that cause damage to cells). Additional benefits: good source of vitamin C


If you bob for apples, take two. These colorful fruits are chalk-full of vitamin C and antioxidants. Apples are also a great source of fiber, both insoluble and soluble. But remember, the nutrients are in the skin (and the layer just below).


Kale is trending this fall, and for good reason. This cool-season green is a great source most important vitamins, including A, K, C, and B. Kale is also loaded with beta-carotene, an antioxidant that might help prevent cancer and heart disease. Additional benefits: rich in calcium, manganese, and potassium