September is Life Insurance Awareness month, so now is a perfect time to get educated on the benefits of life insurance coverage at any age.

Most American adults, roughly 95 million, have no life insurance. Meanwhile, the life insurance industry pays $62 billion to beneficiaries each year, providing a significant source of financial relief and security to families that experience the loss of a loved one. In other words, there is no reason why you should leave your family in a position of financial vulnerability.

It’s true that not everyone needs life insurance – but most people do. The only people who don’t need to budget for life insurance are those who have enough assets to cover all their expenses after death – which can include medical bills, estate taxes, a mortgage, funeral costs, and other debts. Not to mention if there are loved ones to provide for also. But even for single adults without dependents life insurance is still necessary to cover debts and funeral costs. It can also provide a way for single adults to leave a legacy to their favorite charity or other cause.

This is why life insurance coverage can be crucial. The Life and Health Insurance Foundation (LIFE) hosts Life Insurance Awareness month to inspire people to take personal financial responsibility for their expenses, present and future.

Statistics show that there are 11 million fewer American households today that are not covered by life insurance compared to six years ago. Don’t let you or your loved ones be a part of this unprotected statistic. If you leave your debt uncovered, the people you care for the most could literally pay the price.